Craig Brown_fotoCraig Brown is een zeer ervaren Pega Certified System Architect.


Met zijn 40 jaar heeft hij vele jaren gepassioneerd aan IT- en BPM trajecten gewerkt. Craig heeft jarenlang ervaring met Pega projecten in grote en middelgrote organisaties en in verschillende sectoren. Hij is door de wol geverfd als developer, business analist, projectmanager, trainer, mentor en consultant. Als uitstekende teamspeler heeft hij met groot plezier 50+ aankomende experts opgeleid en gecoacht. Graag geeft hij zijn uitgebreide kennis en wijze van aanpak aan anderen door.




Wat zeggen anderen over Craig:


 Emeric, Business Analist I had the pleasure of working with Craig, he was also my mentor and helped me to discover the beauty of the Pega world. He has the ability to explain very well things, with a lot of examples and patience, that helped me to understand fast and easy how Pega works. Great mentor/trainer and colleague.
 Hinda, Pega Developer I have worked with Craig having him as a mentor at the beginning of my PEGA journey. Excellent trainer, obviously an expert in his field, could answer all questions asked and delivered the information in an "easy to understand" format.
 Dan, Pega CSA Craig was my mentor when I started with Pega, holding trainig sessions for me and my newbie Pega colleagues . After that, we worked together in implementing a new application while also preparing to take the CSA . He definitely had a big contribution to me passing the certification , but also in getting a good grasp on PEGA's basic concepts, which helped me a lot. His patience , vast IT know how and the fact that is cool guy to be around make Craig an excellent colleague and trainer .
 Damien, Pega LSA Craig versatility and work skills is only equal to his good mood. That makes him one of the best person I have ever worked with. He has been able to handle a range of situations and get good results despite not knowing the technology stack at the incept. For instance, he was tasked with fixing a Pega robotic project which he did with brio. After this success he went on to lead the UX/UI piece of our project, both animating a workshop and heading the configuration effort. All of that with a smile and cracking jokes as we went along. I absolutely recommend Craig, he is the Pega architect full package! 
 Gareth, Full Stack Developer Craig's good cheer, understanding of software development and excellent communication skills make him a motivating project manager to work with.


Craig hoopt jullie te ontmoeten bij één van de trainingen van Pega Professionals.

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