Welcome to the page of i-Cruit Animal Care. The labour market specialist for employers and employees in the Animal Care industry.


Working in the Animal Care branche is a deliberate choice. You want to contribute to animal care and animal welfare because you consider this inseparably linked to our human welfare and health care and food.

Are you looking for a professional? We work for organisations in and outside The Netherlands and Belgium and distinguish ourselves through a combination of: a personal approach, use of digital search tools, recruitment marketing and an extensive network. 

If you are a professional looking for a job within the industry, please fill in your details and we will contact you.

So are you looking for or you: 

  • Veterinarian or Vet nurse
  • Product Manager, Technical Support Manager or Category Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager or Quality Manager
  • Practice Manager, Team Manager or Clinical Director
  • Nutritionist, Product Developer or Product Technologist
  • Sales Manager, Account Manager or Customer Service
  • Or another specialist within the industry; Animal Science, Animal Health, Animal Feed, Animal Nutrition, Animal Care or Veterinary

    Then we would like to talk to you! 


Our working method 

Our working method is all about openness and trust. Recruitment is a specialized profession and takes time, and it starts with a conversation. Our goal is to unburden you as a client as much as possible by delivering customized solutions. We talk with candidates about what best suits their wishes, qualities and stage of life so that we can make the best match because fun works!


We are also happy to support employers with other issues; talent management, labor market communication, recruitment marketing, employer branding, recruitment process design, inbound recruitment and other recruitment themes.


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